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Wedding In The Off-Season Is Where It's At!

January 19, 20243 min read

Wedding In The Off-Season Is Where It's At!

Ever walk into a store after the Christmas craze has settled down and notice how many items are on clearance? The reason for this is that the busy time is over and business tends to slow down for a bit, so to keep people coming in, prices go down and sales go up! Not to mention, the customer gets a killer deal! I actually know a family who celebrates Christmas during the off-season when the deals are the best. Smarty pants!

However, 84% of couples tend to get married between the months of May and October. This is what is known as “wedding season” or the peak wedding months. The weather seems to be the main reason for why these months are most popular. There are also benefits to planning for a wedding during the off-season though. What kind of benefits? The ones that are kind to our bank accounts. And other benefits of course.

So what kind of benefits come along with planning a wedding during the off-peak months?

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Reduced Pricing

Event spaces and other professional wedding services like photographers, videographers and DJ’s usually offer a discount during the off-season. They are also more open to negotiating during this time. It’s really quite simple. It’s either be open to negotiating or have an empty venue or space on the calendar and no business enjoys that.

It’s also a good idea to inquire about the slow season for hotels and resorts in case the weather is a bit too frigid for an outdoor venue. Remember, May through October are popular for a reason. Much like buying a car, it literally saves money to do some research online beforehand about the product and/or service. Be knowledgeable and bring your negotiating “A” game to the table. You will find that most if not all vendors and services will be delighted to work with you.

The Beauty Of The Season

Many couples plan their weddings during the peak months because of the stellar weather. However, I think we tend to forget how beautiful winter can be. Snowy getaways like Muskoka offer photographers the opportunity to capture the beauty of the season. Many of us know what a drag humidity can be. I’ve been to a few weddings in the southern parts of our nation, and I tell you, people tend to be a little more cranky when they are hot and uncomfortable. Most brides are not a fan of sweaty wedding photos either. The heat and humidity can wreak havoc on the hair and make-up.

Winter-themed weddings also allow the bride and groom to change things up decoratively.

“From colour palette to flowers and décor, there are elements of the season to inspire your theme that will stand out in a sea of peonies.”

~Ashley Meyers Combs(Smash and Co. wedding calligrapher)
Ashley mentions that if your style is romantic then shades of winter white and lots of greenery are the way to go. She also mentions that if you’re going for the cozy- rustic vibe like a cabin in Aspen, then lots of wood and deep hues. Having a wedding during the winter season opens up the door to doing something out of the ordinary!

Less Wedding Fatigue

I get invited to all kinds of weddings during the peak season and, truth be told, I can’t attend all of them. There are just too many. Summer is also a time when most people like to spend time with their families and go on vacations. During the off-season, however, schedules tend to open up because there is less going on. This makes it easier for family and friends to take advantage of the better travel rates and accommodation prices, so they can be there on your special day.

Thinking of having your wedding during the off-season? Soirée Entertainment would be delighted to work with you to make your day something out of the ordinary. Feel free to connect with us and get your free consultation.

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